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The universe is NOT like an onion.

If you come late to the exam and expect me to give you extra time, I will laugh.

It’s f prime over f, our old integration friend.

Honey Badger Algebra don’t give a shit which short exact sequence the long exact sequence came from!

This is sometimes called the onion model of stellar fusion because an onion also has several spherical shells. Each of these shells has a different type of nuclear fusion going on, which is not what happens in a typical onion.

What if you had some tequila first? I can get you some, you know!

That’s what this BS is. Take an arbitrary collection and make some BS.

Some of you are saying yes and some of you are saying no and what I like most is that you both sound confident.

We could use Zorn’s lemma to prove this, but that would be like taking a rhino in a dog area.

v’s have points on the bottom, u’s have round things on the bottom.