Category: linear algebra

If this doesn’t come out to be the determinant, you are about to hear a blood-curdling scream.

Student: What happens when you multiply a matrix by its transpose?
Linear algebra TA: Random shit.

*draws sad face* This is the face of element b_(n+1) when it realises it doesn’t exist.

Linear algebra professor: *finishes off problem*
Student: *raises hand*
Professor: What did I do wrong?

I don’t answer phone calls from anyone, including my students… excluding my mother.

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m glad we have class to day so I can show off my costume. Look I’m a hy-POT-enuse!

First you put on your shirt and then your jacket. But when you want to take off your clothes, you have to take the jacket off first. Undressing is inverse to dressing.

Obviously for Superman this doesn’t apply. He puts his pants on before his underpants.

You shouldn’t be taking this long to answer the question, there are only two choices.

So if you’re a mathematician, you just write ‘no solution’ and great; you’re done. But mathematicians don’t live in the real world.

One time I really needed to use the restroom during class, so I told my students I would draw a line as long as this answer. I started at the other end of the chalk board and ran out of the room.