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Here’s a proof for you. It won’t be satisfying, but it will be quick.

You can quote my footnote.

Oh, you introduced new variables… well that’s interesting and ambitious.

Math Professor: Pick a number bigger than 7.
Student: 43.
Math Professor: That’s too big. Pick another number.
Student: 27?
Math Professor: Oooh! I like 27!

I guess we can use t as our variable for this problem. *in an imitating voice* Look at me I’m a physics major, and I love to use time as a variable for everything!

Much like a polynomial, this person is zero for all critical values.

So yeah… basically it’s a formula, you’ll probably be able to do it.

Arithmetic isn’t for humans.

Oh, looks like we lost someone. Yet another unsatisfied customer.

Gauss discovered the pairwise addition trick to spite his teacher. And now we call him the Prince of Mathematicians. Sometimes being a little shit pays off.