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The greek letter π is actually pronounced as “pee” in the Greek language, not as “pie”.

Fun-o-fact #3

The average human has enough skin to cover 1.6-2 square meters.

Fun-o-fact #2

Your chances of surviving an explosion of a grenade underwater are severely lower than on land.

Wikipedia says the arc converter, sometimes called the arc transmitter, was invented in 1903 by Danish engineer Valdemar Poulsen.

It is a fact that Nikola Tesla invented the arc converter and demonstrated it in a lecture given before the Franklin Institute and National Light Association in 1893.

Fact: Nikola Tesla invented the first antennas as far back as 1891 in experiments with high frequency alternators at his Grand Street Laboratory in New York.

Thomas Edison electrocuted dozens of dogs and a slave elephant to death in a commercial pursuit to destroy Nikola Tesla.

After Tesla beat him, Edison spent millions of dollars to keep his name in our history books and Tesla’s out. THIS… is why Nikola Tesla is unrecognized and underappreciated today.

Nikola Tesla was the greatest physicist/ inventor of all time.