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Partial differentiation – believe it! Think back to Mulder and Scully! I want to believe! Get in touch with your inner Fox Mulder!

Student: Are we really having a lecture after the midterm exam tomorrow?
Calculus professor: Yes. Why? Do you want to go home and cry instead?

I don’t want to define tangent right now, so I guess I’ll describe it like the Supreme Court defined porn: You’ll know it when you see it.

It’s f prime over f, our old integration friend.

Sometimes the best mathematical approach to finding zeros is to give up.

Some of you are saying yes and some of you are saying no and what I like most is that you both sound confident.

v’s have points on the bottom, u’s have round things on the bottom.

I said PR, I wrote PQ. That’s not a good idea.

You can use this theorem 99% of the time. How do you know if you can use it? If the function you’re working with is nice. If the function is your friend, then you can use it.

Sometimes to get through a math problem, you have to get a little rough.