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Tesla Brazil conspiracy

Tesla Brazil conspiracy

Never heard of it. What’s that about?



What should I blog about next? Nikola Tesla’s proof of the Ether, his cosmic ray theory, or his faster than light transmission?

Last night for voting! I’m gonna blog the winner tomorrow since I’ve finally got some free time. So between comments and messages the count is at:

14 – FTL transmission

13 – Ether

5 – Cosmic Rays

What topic interests you most? Let me know.



What should I blog about next? Nikola Tesla’s proof of the Ether, his cosmic ray theory, or his faster than light transmission?

Ether and FTL transmission are tied at 8. Cosmic ray has 1. Anymore votes? I’ll do the winner first and the other after.





“On last Thursday night [January 7, 1943] here in our city of New York, a man who was 87 years of age died in his humble hotel room. His name was Nikola Tesla. He died in poverty, but he was one of the most useful and successful men who ever lived. His achievements were great and are becoming greater as time goes on. Nikola Tesla could have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars, could have become the richest man in the country, in the world, if he wished for riches. He didn’t. He did not care for anything, did not have time for anything that spelled success for too many people.

“Nikola Tesla was a great humanitarian, a pure scientific genius, a poet in science. He did extraordinary amazing miraculous things during his life among us. He did them simply to serve mankind and for his services, he did not want anything. Money, he didn’t care for it. Honor, who was anybody to honor anybody else. That was his attitude. Gratitude, he did not expect or demand. Nikola Tesla did not care to be paid for anything he did for the human race. He simply functioned according to his natural genius which came to him in the land of his birth, Yugoslavia, as a son of his mother.

“Now this extraordinary man is dead or so they say. The papers on Friday told he died, his body was found still on the bed in his little hotel room in this city and the newspapers publish obituaries and editorials summarizing his life and work and told of his personal habits and eccentricities. Tesla they say is dead. In a funeral parlor in this city there is all that is left of his person. The funeral services will be held on next Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 in the Cathedral of Saint John. People will come. Yes, many people, people from all walks of life, humble unknown people and people who are famous scientists and industrialists and others and then we’ll be all right. It is a customary thing to do, but Tesla is not dead.

“Tesla is not really dead. Only his poor wasted body has been stilled. The real, the important part of Tesla lives in his achievement which is great, almost beyond calculation, an integral part of our civilization, of our daily lives, of our current war effort. Today, we, on this program, do not mourn Tesla. We do not honor him for we know that Nikola Tesla would not care for that. Why mourn Tesla? His life is a triumph. We are in the studio today just thinking of Tesla, talking of him among ourselves and to you who are listening to us, and we are playing some music and can sing a few songs which will think Nikola Tesla would have liked.

"We celebrate his achievement on earth, his great triumph which is our triumph, the triumph of all the people of the world. We celebrate his contributions to our life, to the sum total of civilization and human potentialities to Americans everywhere which will be as permanent as man himself. We are talking about Nikola Tesla, celebrating the fact that we belong to the same species to which he belonged while he was among us. He is a feather in the cap of the whole human race and Yugoslavia and America can be proud of him.

"A few years ago, a fellow scientist of Tesla, Dr. A. B. Baron, also an American, wrote about him in his book on the induction motor, the motor which owes its existence to Tesla and which, now, is in the very center of nearly everything that moves on wheels in this country. Mr. Baron said were we to eliminate from our industrial world the result of Tela’s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn and our electric trains and cars would stop, our towns would be dark, our mills and factories dead. So far reaching is his work that it has become the warp and whoop of industry. Should Tela’s work be suddenly withdrawn, darkness would prevail and we would slump into barbarism.

"So it is true, Tesla is not dead! He is very much alive among us. Among us is a triumph of his life, his achievement which we celebrate here. We do not honor him. We are gathered here to feel this triumph of one human life and to share our feelings with you all.”

–Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia

(Nikola Tesla’s eulogy on January 10, 1943, written by Louis Adamic)

Immortal… Demigod

O.G. in the game.



The True Story of Nikola Tesla (In A Nutshell)

In the past, Direct Current was thought to be the future of power transmission. Then a young pimp named Nikola Tesla stepped in and showed that Alternating Current was the future. The inventor was ridiculed, bashed and attacked for years by dipsh**s who were blinded by commercial interests, but Tesla rose above the dense f***s and proved that AC was far more superior than DC. Eventually, all scientists/engineers with any intellect realized AC’s advantages to DC, so all the corporate derps of that time instantly switched to AC to reap benefits off Tesla’s work. And so while everyone else was finally catching up to the young pimp, Tesla had already moved on to new discoveries in power transmission–World Wireless Technology. But the commercial development of AC had taken full force, and the development of power transmission could not misdirect again to Tesla’s new developments like it had from DC to AC. The pimp was pushed aside and ignored while the children played with his kid toys. So the Industrial Revolution continued to strive off Tesla’s primitive work instead of following him in his newly developed technology, and the future was mislead in a unrefined direction in power transmission. Now the future is a hundred years behind with no site of returning back to the technology Tesla wanted to bring the world.

And this… is the true story of Nikola Tesla (in a nutshell).

I became interested in Tesla thanks to Tessi a…

I became interested in Tesla thanks to Tessi aka the music dancing Tesla coil at Quarterworld in Portland, Oregon. Could they be doing secret science experiments on her off days?

Just for entertainment. They are using Tesla coils for fun. Not what they’re meant to be used for.



What should I blog about next? Nikola Tesla’s proof of the Ether, his cosmic ray theory, or his faster than light transmission?

So far it’s

4 – Ether

2 – Faster than light transmission

2 – All the above (which technically doesn’t count because there’s three different subjects)

Anyone else care to throw in?




NASA and Other Space Agencies Are Wasting Our Money


With Nikola Tesla’s World Wireless System(s) we would not need the thousands of multi-million dollar satellites and debris currently orbiting earth. Also, his system(s) would be grounded so we wouldn’t need the additional expenditures to send engineers to space to fix equipment. They could just fix the transmitters here on earth by driving a few miles. 


Tesla’s transmitter(s) would not only provide everything a satellite does, including Doppler radar, navigation, and communication and entertainment around the world, but much more. His experimentations and inventions proved that his “World System” would also provide: 

1. The operation of flying machines by wireless power.


2. Navigation of ships through fog or channels by wireless “tuned compasses.”

3. Operations of all manufacturing and transportation machinery.

4. A prefect government secret signal service by exclusive wireless waves.

5. Interplanetary communication.


6. Irrigation and fertilization of world by wireless power.

7. Magnetizing of enemy battleships and submarines to attract torpedoes.

Our present would be far more advanced had Tesla been allowed to share his work with the world. Although it seems we are advancing with greats strides in technological achievements, we are still a hundred years behind the future Nikola Tesla dreamed and hoped for.

“My project was retarded by the laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”

–Nikola Tesla

(“My Inventions – V. The Magnifying Transmitter.” Electrical Experimenter. February, 1919.)

***Allow me to break this post down for those who haven’t read up much on Nikola Tesla***

The first paragraph is clear. We could spend the money we put towards satellites and use it to develop Tesla’s system(s) around the world. And by system(s), Tesla never meant just one machine running all the earth. Every country would have their own transmitter/receivers, and these machines could work together or separately depending on how the country, or individual with a receiver, would prefer. And this would be a whole lot more inexpensive than what we spend on satellites. 

The second paragraph is not an exaggeration. Tesla’s system would literally do everything a satellite does and more. It could be used to create an artificial aurora borealis to light night skies at sea, or analyze weather conditions. It could be used as a GPS, and not just on earth’s surface, but earth’s interior as well (ex. finding mineral deposits, submarines etc.). This is accomplished by setting up and maintaining longitudinal stationary waves in the earth making its entire surface subdivided into zones of electric activity. This allows data to be collected about earth’s dimensions, and the positioning of moving or non-moving objects by analyzing the way waves react to objects within it or without it. This would help in navigation, prospecting, or basic radar by determining positions of objects in or outside earth, determining latitudes and longitudes, the speed of travel and the courses followed. His system could also be used for communication and entertainment the same way a satellite does, but even better. We use communication satellites to bounce signals off the satellite, and send these signals to other points on the globe. We need satellites to do this because it was thought to be a fact that every effect diminishes with distance, so the signals sent either dissipate with distance, and/or do not follow the curvature of earth. This is why we can only receive radio signals at certain distances from the station. With Tesla’s system, satellites in this sense become obsolete. His system could send instantaneously typed or handwritten characters all over the world, set and regulate all clocks, be a universal stock ticker, reproduce art and photography, and allow the absolutely exclusive use of video, audio and text communication (this is how Tesla predicted smart phones a hundred years before they were developed). Now how would he do this? Tesla used the earth as a conductor, or a wire, and sent the energy through it with no loss of the energy. With this method, the problems with the dissipation of energy are solved. What Tesla discovered was that the earth as a whole had certain periods of natural vibrations, and by impressing electrical vibrations of the same periods upon it with his transformer, it could be thrown into oscillations of tremendous nature. Now Tesla could collect this energy and transmit it with his Magnifying Transmitter to any place on earth with no loss of energy and practically instantaneous. He proved this method in experiments at Colorado Springs where he sent a longitudinal wave all the way around the world and back to his receiver traveling at a mean velocity of 292,812 miles per second

I know some will balk at sending anything faster than the speed of light, but I will remind them that light is a constant, it is not a limit. The electromagnetic waves we use in today’s technology travel at the speed of light, but due to the nature of these waves (which are similar to light), diminish with distance. This is because their electromagnetic lines of force and their magnetic lines of force run in angles of each other causing resistance. This is why they eventually lose energy. Tesla on the other hand used an oscillating wave, which electromagnetic and magnetic forces run parallel with each other, hence no friction and no loss of energy. So the more power he used the faster and further these waves would travel. Now imagine what can be accomplished with waves that do not diminish with distance (((;

Now I know people are skeptical about how safe this would be. If the whole earth is electrified, wouldn’t we get shocked all the time? Well, no. Tesla used electrostatics. This is when an electric charge is at rest, unlike Direct Current electricity and Alternating Current, which are moving electricity through wires either directly or back and both. Both DC and AC are very dangerous if touched. What Tesla would do is speed up his Alternating Currents so fast that the electricity would become static electricity. You could store it, or pass it through your body with no harm. He demonstrated this in lectures throughout the 1890s by passing thousands of volts of electricity through his body and shooting electricity out his fingertips. Static Electricity is already all around us. It’s kinda like when you rub your socks on the carpet and can walk to the other side of the room and shock someone. Well this static electricity gets stored in your body but doesn’t harm you. The shock might harm your friend but nevertheless is harmless. Also, unlike the wireless technology we use today which is ninety percent radiation, Nikola Tesla’s system is clean energy. His system reverses what our technology does and uses only ten percent radiation, and ninety percent current waves. This is why there is no loss of energy, and this is why we should be learning how to do Tesla’s system.

Now how his system would be better than satellites. 

1. The operation of flying machines by wireless power: The flow of Tesla’s currents are confined to the earth, but with his machine he could create an electromagnetic field in the atmosphere surrounding it. Now if light electric motors with attached circuits are placed in the airplanes, or other flying machines, and are accurately attuned, energy will be drawn into these circuits powering the motors. Just like if you had a bottle and submerged it in water then poked a hole in it. The energy would flow into the circuit the same way water would into the bottle. This would revolutionize a whole new world of transportation. 

2. Navigation of ships through fog or channels by wireless “tuned compasses: Same thing when I spoke of GPS.

3. Operations of all manufacturing and transportation machinery: Kinda the same way as with communication and entertainment, with his magnifying transmitter, Tesla’s system could send power through the earth to any point on the globe and provide a business or home with enough horsepower to operate and run all its machinery, including transportation machinery. 

I would add that this would not be free energy as the conspiracists on Tesla like to assume. Tesla never said anything about free energy. Unlimited energy, yes, but not free. These businesses would have to subscribe and pay for this energy just like we do today. 

4. A prefect government secret signal service by exclusive wireless waves: This is what tesla referred to as his “Art of Individualization.” This makes it possible to transmit unlimited number of signals or messages absolutely secret and exclusive both in the active and passive aspect, meaning non-interfering and non-interferable. Each signal would have its own identity, like snowflakes, and it wouldn’t matter how many stations or devices are in operation. None would disturb these secret signals. 

5. Interplanetary Communication: So Tesla understood that if we ever want to make contact with other intelligent life, we would have to use radio technology to do so. He knew how far away other planets are, and how long it would take to reach them given the limit of speed we can travel, or the constant speed of light. He believed that with enough power drawn from energy sources (such as Niagara Falls) to power his transformer he could create billions of horsepower, and with his magnifying transmitter send oscillating wave signals many times faster than light to the far reaches of this galaxy. 

6. Irrigation and fertilization of the world by wireless: Using wireless power, farmers and land owners will be able to pump water and irrigate their land from energy sent thousands of miles away. Tesla also believed that weather was of an electrical origin, and could be controlled by electrical means. Meaning, with a properly developed apparatus (different from his wireless system), he could pull water from oceans by hydraulic force, turn it into vapor and carry it in cloud form to arid parts of land, and make it rain, so to speak.  Also with fertilization, we know that too much nitrogen in the atmosphere is a bad thing, and not enough in the soil will cause growth deficiencies in plants. Tesla’s experiments in Colorado Springs showed that the nitrogen in the air could be burned with electricity. By burning the right amount of nitrogen in the air it can be turned into a fertilizer. 

7. Magnetizing of enemy battleships and submarines to attract torpedoes: This one speaks for itself. By using magnetic waves he could magnetize the metal of enemy and cause them to attract missiles. 

This wasn’t a new world order Tesla was trying to fulfill by eliminating competition. He knew about other radio developers and the new technology from his time. His system would not interfere with their electrical systems or ours today. It was his own commercial pursuit, and he knew how it would work based off his experiments in Colorado Springs. It was safe and perfectly commercializable in our free market here in America.

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75 years ago today the world lost the great electrical wizard, Nikola Tesla… And although physically he is gone, his legacy and the inventions he left behind will live on for forever. It has been a privilege running this blog and sharing the great life and work of this genius. RIP good sir. You’re still the 🐐!

Resla in Tesla

That choice is impossible and you know it

That choice is impossible and you know it