Where do get all your info it’s awesome …

Where do get all your info it’s awesome love your blog my Wielding yeah no less was the man who got me interested in his life. Now I want to become a writer of fiction and want to make something of a “what if” of this man if he didn’t die so young. Where can I find good accurate information about him?

Thanks for following this blog man! I’m glad you enjoy it. You’ll have tons to write about with Tesla. He was kinda like a cross roads in human history. His life today is basically one big “what if.” What if his lab didn’t burn down in 1895? What if he finished Wardenclyffe? What if the government released his missing work? Lol

So I get my information mostly from websites like teslacollection.com and teslauniverse.com. There are sites all over the web that have info on Tesla, but ya just have to find the right ones with reliable substance. Some just use Tesla’s name for their bogus conspiracies about things he never said or did. I have about 4 of his biographies which have good info. Marc Seifer’s “Wizard” is prob the best. Also, I have his Colorado Springs Notes, which is all technical, and his book “The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.” That book is loaded with info on his early work. But if ya really wanna get in his mind then read his autobiography 👌👌👌

Thanks for the question man! Hope I helped.