Nikola Teslas opinion on races? I know he beli…

Nikola Teslas opinion on races? I know he believed in Eugenics, which is why i am asking. Also, i am not saying he was "racist" whatever that word even means these days. Obviously back then, race relations were different and you couldn't judge someone in todays standards who was from the 1800's.

I agree with you. It’s hard to judge someone in today’s standards who was from the 1800s. A large majority of people from this time were proud of their culture and where they came from. Especially those who migrated to America to escape authoritarian governments or invasions. I don’t see anything wrong with being proud your culture as long as these ideologies don’t have people out destroying other’s lives and freedom for these beliefs. F*** their couch and anyone who agrees with them if they think that’s okay.

So to answer your question, Tesla was very proud of his heritage and where he came from. His family fought for years for freedom against the Ottoman Turks. His father, who fought in these battles, would become a Serbian orthodox priest and Tesla was expected to follow him into the priesthood. So these events and stories from his family would obviously influence Tesla. You can find quotes online where Tesla says things like “the supremacy of the Anglo-Saxons,” or similar remarks, but he meant that he felt they were the race most fit to govern and bring world peace because of the history and struggles they’ve been through. I don’t believe he meant anything bad by it. His major writings indicate that his work was meant to unify the world, bring countries closer together, and to eventually reach world peace in the future.

And yes, Tesla did believe in eugenics, but not in the way most think of eugenics and the history of it. In the article where Tesla mentions eugenics, he was predicting what the year 2100 would be like. He predicted that the time we’re living now will gain a new sense of pity and begin to “interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct.” The scientist in him believed it was our responsibility as a species on this planet to recognize that we are apart of the evolutionary process, and we need to do our part in increasing human energy in a positive way to better fit ourselves for survival. Tesla believed the habitual criminal, or the mentally insane, should be denied the right to produce offspring because it would be unhealthy to the human race as a whole. He believed by 2100 this would be recognized. Obviously, Tesla never went around preaching eugenics, nor did he try to take over the world and exterminate anyone. As I mentioned above, his major writings indicate that he was a true humanitarian whose life and work was dedicated to the betterment of mankind and the progressive movement towards world peace. In the article, Tesla goes beyond eugenics and talks about hygiene, pollution of beaches, water supply and water sterilization, harms of stimulants, food abundance for the growing populations, reforestation, education over war, and robots to do our work for us.

Tesla did hate bums though. He thought they were lazy and should be working.