***Some Food For Thought On National Pearl Har…

***Some Food For Thought On National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day***

Prior to World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1935, Nikola Tesla sent an elaborate technical paper, including diagrams, to a number of allied nations including the United States, Canada, England, France, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia, titled “New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media.” (link). The paper provided the first technical description of what is today called a charged particle beam weapon. Tesla was directly communicating with the U.S. government and Prime Minster Chamberlain of Great Britain in an effort to promote his particle beam for defense against enemy aerial attacks. Tesla’s correspondence with Prime Minster Chamberlain was his attempt to prevent Nazi Germany from taking over his native homeland, but when Great Britain, France and Italy agreed to let Germany annex Czechoslovakia at the Munich Conference in 1938, his communication with the government came to an end. His ultimate goal was to prevent World War II.

Tesla’s device was a natural extension of his high frequency work in Colorado Springs where he produced 100 foot long sparks, or artificial lightning, in his laboratory experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899. The next step was to control and direct this energy as a weapon. The device he proposed was a open vacuum tube that could charge small or large particles to millions of volts and project these highly charged “non-dispersive” particles through free air to bring down hundreds of enemy airplanes.

Had the U.S. Government and other allies accepted and adopted his inventions and proposals he could have made this country, and others, completely invulnerable to any foreign invasions. Unfortunately, his innovations weren’t taken seriously, and his hopes and dreams of furthering peace died with him in 1943.

“[In] eight years I developed a new title using 50 of my patents of which one third are not applied. In the system there are no electrons. Energy goes into the same direction without any distribution [dissipation] and the same on all sides of distance. It contains neutrons. [In] the air [its size] is equal to a diameter of hydrogen. It can destroy the largest ships afloat. There is unlimited distance of travel. The same is for airplanes… The contents of one bomb can be exploded in the air. I add that in the station one must have a small generator or battery of 30 volts for activation…”

“Same construction like at Wardenclyffe and only 20 meters high – a ball five meters in diameter – the station would be using diesel oil for energy with mechanical action – my air turbines, steam powered, electrically or other manners of transforming into alternating electrical current with sixty billion volts pressure without danger… There will not be any light, electrical energy will deliver particles through space with the speed of 118,837,370,000 centimeters per second. This is 394,579 the speed of light. As I said about airplanes it can be used for tanks, trucks, automobiles and various machines in factories, with hydro-electrical wheels and unlimited other machines. The particles can be larger than that of the diameter of an Hydrogen atom with metals of all kinds of materials and sent to all distances and good results in war and bring about peace. Particles are practical with neutrons, because, they are 3,723 times lighter than electricity or electrons that cannot penetrate space for great distances. In my attempts with an effective 20 million volts, electrons carried 40 times more electricity than normally and penetrated two meters in depth and terrible damage in a moment each.”

–Nikola Tesla   

(Western Union Telegram from Nikola Tesla to his nephew Sava Kosanovic. New York, N.Y. March 1 and March 4, 1941.)

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