I have read of Tesla's car ,A hispano sui…

I have read of Tesla's car ,A hispano suiza with a electric motor to Tesla's design, do you have any more information?

Yes, but the car was actually a Pierce Arrow. According to an interview with Tesla’s nephew Peter Savo, they (Peter, Tesla and others) performed top secret experiments in Buffalo, NY. According to Peter, the car had ran on electric power from an outside source. The engine had been removed and replaced with a brushless, AC electric motor, and other components. On the dash and connected to the electric motor by heavy cables was a power receiver with a box consisting of 12 radio tubes, and a 6 foot vertical antenna connected to the receiver.

There are a few possible explanations to this. One, Tesla installed one of his powerful transmitters at Niagara Falls to provide the vehicle with wireless power. Two, he installed one of his cosmic ray motors in the car, which would allow the car to be powered by cosmic radiations. Three, he was testing one of his steam powered turbines, and Peter mistook it for a wireless device, which I find hard to believe. And fourth, it’s fake and never happened.

Thanks for the question! Hope I helped.