The True Story of Nikola Tesla (In A Nutshell)

*edited version from original post. Sorry to those who got offended 😉*

In the past, Direct Current was thought to be the future of power transmission. Then a young *man who controlled electricity* named Nikola Tesla stepped in and showed that Alternating Current was the future. The inventor was ridiculed, bashed and attacked for years by *imbeciles* who were blinded by commercial interests, but Tesla rose above the *dense, faux-intellectuals* and proved that AC was far more superior than DC. Eventually, all scientists/engineers with any common sense realized AC’s advantages to DC, so all the corporate derps of that time instantly switched to AC to reap benefits off Tesla’s work. And so while everyone else was finally catching up to the young *man who controlled electricity*, Tesla had already moved on to new discoveries in power transmission–World Wireless Technology. But the commercial development of AC had taken full force, and the development of power transmission could not misdirect again to Tesla’s new developments like it had from DC to AC. The *man who controlled electricity* was pushed aside and ignored while the children played with his kid toys. So the Industrial Revolution continued to strive off Tesla’s primitive work instead of following him in his newly developed technology, and the future was mislead in a unrefined direction in power transmission. Now the future is a hundred years behind with no site of returning back to the technology Tesla wanted to bring the world.

And this… is the true story of Nikola Tesla (in a nutshell).