Hi and thank you for your blog, it’s great! Could you tell something about Ignace Paderewski and Tesla? I’ve heard they knew each other. I’m Polish like Paderewski, so if there was a Polish accent in my favourite scientist’s life- i would adore him even more!😉

Thank you! And thanks for following! So Paderewski and Tesla were great acquaintances. They met in America in 1896 at Katherine and Robert Underwood Johnson’s house. Robert Johnson was a writer/editor for the The Century Magazine and met many famous people through his work. He and his wife Katherine enjoyed having dinner parties with the many people they met. Paderewski, and especially Tesla, were their favorite guests. I believe Paderewski asked the Johnson’s to meet Tesla, so they set it up. The two became instant friends when they discovered that they were both in Strasbourg, France at the same time in 1882. Tesla was working, and on a super low salary, and Paderewski was studying music. They enjoyed the thought of looking back at those tough times in their lives and how they fought through it to achieve what they had dreamed.

Thanks for the question! Paderewski was an amazing person and Tesla definitely respected his work and great mind.